Amanda F

If you are looking for boots on the ground to show your property to prospective tenants or if you are looking for a rental yourself, I am more than happy to facilitate the process! I am an experienced landlord and have rented multiple properties throughout the years. I know how stressful finding a potential tenant can be and I also know the stresses of searching for a good home to put down temporary roots. I am an Air Force wife of 10 years and also a veteran. I have lived in Texas, Louisiana, Germany, North Dakota and currently, Virginia. I am also a mother of two boys and current counseling grad student. I enjoy anything home decor related, photography, and being outdoors!

I have a keen eye for detail and pride myself on my ability to spot things that sometimes go unnoticed at an average glance. While information about any location can be found on the internet, it has been my experience that having someone be your eyes and ears at a future duty station is crucial in getting to know the area. It has also been my experience that having a reliable individual to entrust your property, or investment, to take pictures and oversee turnover is equally important. I offer my services in the Fredericksburg, Falmouth, Spotsylvania, and Stafford areas.

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