Bobbie Sue G

I’ve been a military spouse for 7 years, and have 4 PCS under my belt. We’ve lived in Colorado Springs for over 3 years now and love the community and scenery here. I’m a mom of two and we love exploring new places all across the Springs, we’ve been to over 20 parks across the city and many state parks in the area! Since we’ve lived here for over three years, I have a good grasp of the different parts of town, what they have to offer and the challenges of that area.

Since moving to the Springs we’ve added a few creatures to our family. We now have two horses, a handful of chickens as well as our two Aussies who’ve moved with us 4 times.

I’m a very fair and logical person, which in the middle of an emotional PCS is what you need. I’m able to act quickly and decisively. I can very easily put myself in your shoes and help you have the information that you need to make the right decisions.

Number of PCS's: 4
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Actively Serving
Military Spouse
Military Kid

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