Hi! I'm Debbie a veteran, military spouse and mother of two wonderful kiddos. I just added MILLIE Scout and Substitute teacher to my "resume." I have been part of the USAF family since 2000, first as a member and then as a military spouse. I have lived overseas twice and at nine different locations in the Continental US.

I am always up for a new adventure, but moving never seems to get easier. In many ways as our family has grown it has become harder. It is hard finding that perfect house in the perfect school district. We have rented sight unseen and later wished we hadn’t.

We have a rental home that we manage, so I also understand the difficulties of turning over a house to new renters when you live 100s of miles away in a different time zone.

I enjoy learning about the area where we live and sharing what I learn. Google maps can only tell you so much about a neighborhood, let me help fill in the gaps. I would love to help you find the perfect house or neighborhood to fit your family’s needs, or even help manage your property remotely. Please let me know how I can help, and feel free to ask any questions!

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Things went so well the first go-round, I decided to use Millie Scout again. Great communication, attention to details and documentation.

Melissa S about listing Property Walk Through- Move Out 4 months ago.

Went great! Scout was great at communicating, flexible and thorough.

Melissa S about listing Property Walk Through- Move Out 4 months ago.