Information about MILLIE Scouts

How it works

How does this work?

Are you are facing a PCS move or have a rental property across the country? Maybe  you wish you had someone to tour a rental you have fallen in love with online. Or, you need someone to be there to open your vacant rental for the cleaning team to come in and get it ready before the next tenant. 

In military life, there usually comes a time you need to be somewhere hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is where MILLIE Scouts can step in and close the distance. A Scout is an experienced, trustworthy, and professional military spouse who can help with a myriad of tasks when you are too far to do it yourself.  

Hiring a Scout is easy! Search the location you need, then click on a listing. Don't see exactly what you need, or you're not sure what to choose? Just reach out and start a conversation with an area Scout. They'll point you in the right direction. 

Step 1:

Go to, log in, and search for a Scout by location. City and State works best.  Zip Codes don't play well with our system. You may need to zoom out on the map to find the nearest Scout.

Step 2:

Once you have located the closest Scout, find the job listing that meets your needs and request it.

Step 3:

Your Scout will ask for more details to ensure they can complete the job to your expectations and then accept the request. The payment is made at this time. When the Scout completes the task and the job is marked as complete please leave a review for your Scout.

That's it! Go ahead and give it a try.