Katie N

Hi! I'm Katie and I've been a military spouse for 13 years. During this time we have PCSed 6 times...3 of those to Beaufort, SC! We have spent a total of 10 years in Beaufort and can truly say it is 'home' for us. I have 3 school aged children, preschool to middle school, and know students, parents and teachers (I taught here for a few years) in most of the schools in Beaufort. I'd love to help you navigate neighborhoods, schools, churches...whatever will ease your transition to our amazing town. While the military presence is strong here (there are 3 bases), we've immersed ourselves in the 'local' scene and have made life long friends that are always here when we come back! We have been homeowners, renters and landlords so I'm familiar with all areas of real estate. I look forward to helping you settle in!

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Hi katie,

So we got the AC fixed but idk lets keep the helping hands job on file for next time. I am not sure how to cancel it without "disputing" it and I don't know what that does to your profile. Its just $25 so no big deal.

Jennifer C about listing Helping Hand (rate is hourly) 3 years ago.