Kimberly P

I am the wife of an Army Veteran and a mother to 2 amazing kids! I grew up in this area of Connecticut so I am an expert on the location. I would love to help you in your transition in or out of the Groton area, finding a home to buy or rent. I have a great eye for detail and would look for things that I would expect in a home that you would be renting or buying like it was my own. I love real estate and all that is involved, and growing up in the home of a contractor, I know exactly what to look for and what are red flags. I would love to help you make New London/Groton Sub base your new favorite duty station!

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Kim did a great job as always! So easy to work with.

Mary N about listing Property Walk Through - Move Out 4 years ago.

Thanks again!

Mary N about listing Photo Shoot 6 years ago.

Thank you!

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