Access and Secure

Your rental property is vacant and you need work to be completed between tenants but you
are across the country. You need someone to unlock the house for the house cleaner,
plumber or maintenance company and then go back and lock up the house once they have
completed their job.

Scope of Scout Services: Scouts are not building inspectors or mold experts. They are
military spouses or veterans just like you that can act as your eyes or nose when viewing a
property. Scouts assisting in this transaction recommend that Clients each consult their
own professional subject matter experts (ie: attorney, pest control expert, insurance
advisor, contractor, home inspector, environmental/mold expert) should they have any
questions within those fields about their impending transaction. Please understand that
MILLIE Scouts will not make any representations or warranties, and will not render any
opinions about the legal consequences of this transaction or the status of any building’s
habitability which may be in question. See our Terms of Service for more specific details.

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Fort Bragg
Pope Field
Camp Mackall
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Help with a potential rental
Help with a property I own
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