Neighborhood Review (Site Unseen)

Scout Menu of Services (Copy and paste these listing titles and descriptions into the individual listings you create on the site. The prices we have included are minimums but if you feel the cost of living in your area warrants a higher price for a service please increase the service price on your listing. The images for these listings have the same name as the service and are in the Listing Images Folder in Dropbox)SERVICES FOR TENANTS Listing #1 House Review (Site Unseen) - $75You have searched the internet far and wide for the perfect house. The bummer is, you won’t be able to go check it out in person. You just need have someone go look at it real quick! Our Scout will tour the home and FaceTime you or take up to 50 photos of the exterior and interior of the home. Email or text you the photos, answer your questions and give you the facts you need to make the best decision and protect yourself.Listing #2 Neighborhood Review (Site Unseen) - $30 You have found the perfect house and you are comfortable making a decision without a personal tour, however you want to make sure the street and surrounding neighborhood will fit your needs. Our Scout will tour and take up to 25 photos and 4 videos of the street and surrounding neighborhood. Email or text you the photos and videos, answer your questions and give you the facts you need to make the best decision about the area.

Area Installations I Serve::
Fort Belvoir
Joint Base Andrews
Washington Navy Yard
Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
Walter Reed / Bethesda
Fort McNair
Pentagon / Crystal City
What type of task do you need help with? :
Help with a potential rental
Help with a property I own
Real Estate Agent Assistant