Rental Property Check Up

Your rental property is empty, your tenant is deployed or away for an extended period of time. You want someone to go by, enter the house and take a good look around to make sure it is safe and sound.

If any problems or significant damage, like a roof leak or a broken window, are found, the Scout will document and photograph the problem so you can resolve it.

For example: Scott was renting his house to a bachelor on TDY for three months. Scott was little concerned about the pipes freezing during a cold spell. He hired a Scout to go by and turn on the sinks to a drip. After he emailed his tenant and Scout his 'Notification to Enter' the property, the Scout went by to resolve the issue.

Travel fees are .50/mile outside of Pinellas County, in addition to the flat rate fee of $45 per job.

Area Installations I serve::
USCG Sector St. Petersburg
USCG Air Station Clearwater
USCG MSD Tampa/Davis Islands
USCG Station Sand Key
USCG Station Cortez (Sarasota)
USCG Station Yankeetown
USCG Station Ft. Myers Beach