Custom Listing for Bethany B

April 25th at 3:45PM: Meet existing Tenants/Move Out/Inspection Report/Up to 20 Photos of any damages reported on form emailed to client/Key retrieval from existing tenant/Lock Up Property. A copy of the Inspection Report will be scanned/emailed to client within 24 hours of completion.

April 30th at 2PM: Meet new Tenants/Move In/Inspection Report/Key Transfer to incoming tenant at end of appointment. Inspection A copy of the Inspection Report will be scanned/emailed to client within 24 hours of completion.

The total Price Includes:

Use of Scout-provided Inspection Form/Report

Up to 45 miles (one way) travel fee for each task/trip

Up to one hour of scout service time on location for each task/trip

Additional Costs:

If existing or incoming tenant causes a delay in the completion of either task/service, for any reason other than natural disaster, the client understands additional charges will be incurred at the rate of $15 per half-hour interval.

Scope of Scout Services:

Scouts are not building inspectors or mold experts. They are military spouses or veterans just like you that can act as your eyes or nose when viewing a property. Scouts assisting in this transaction recommend that Clients each consult their own professional subject matter experts (ie: attorney, pest control expert, insurance advisor, contractor, home inspector, environmental/mold expert) should they have any questions within those fields about their impending transaction. Please understand that MILLIE Scouts will not make any representations or warranties, and will not render any opinions about the legal consequences of this transaction or the status of any building’s habitability which may be in question. See our Terms of Service for more specific details.

Area Installations I serve::
USCG Sector St. Petersburg
USCG Air Station Clearwater
USCG MSD Tampa/Davis Islands
USCG Station Sand Key
USCG Station Cortez (Sarasota)
USCG Station Yankeetown
USCG Station Ft. Myers Beach