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Hi there! My name is Lynnette and I am a proud military spouse and Mom of two. My husband was in the Navy for eight years and then switched to the Army - so I like to call us a "Narmy" family. It works out well when it is football season for the Army vs. Navy game - we win either way :)

I have survived nine PCS's and multiple deployments. One of my favorite (although often challenging) parts of each PCS was choosing our new home. Each place we have been holds a special place in my heart. I lived in a house built in 1851 in Bath, Maine and a small town with only 1 stop light out in Oklahoma. I've been blessed with fantastic friends and the best memories from all our military experiences.

As most military spouses do, I've become a pro at finding the best area for my family to put down roots for a few years and I'd be happy to help you do the same. I've rented many homes throughout our journey, but also have had challenges with renting out our own property as well. Whatever your particular circumstance may be, I feel strongly that I have the knowledge and experience to help relieve you of some of your moving stress.

Number of PCS's: 9
Service Affiliation:
Actively Serving
Military Spouse
Military Kid
MILLIE Base Guide for our local area: Fort Eisenhower (formerly Fort Gordon)

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I hired Lynnette to do the final walkthrough of my property since the tenants were moving out. She was very responsive and submitted very detailed notes on the move-out checklist along with numerous pictures. I will definitely hire Lynnette again in the future.

Renee M about listing Property Walk Through 2 years ago.

Thank you for the thorough walk through and pictures! It really helps our peace of mind!

Thank you,


Crystal A about listing Rental Property Check Up 5 years ago.