Growing up as an Air Force brat I never really experienced PCSing or being new to an area as we moved to California when I was 3 and my Dad retired when I started Jr HIgh and my parents decided to keep us rooted in the place we knew. It wasn't until I became an Army wife in 2006 that I learned just how crazy and messy this life can be. I have experienced 6 official PCS's and many more moves due to deployments. It brings me joy to help others and I love that MILLIE is an available outlet for the military. My husband is now retired and we chose to stay put here for a while so I know the area well. I will admit that I was not happy to come to Ft Johnson, it was Polk when we arrived but I have truly grown to love this small town area and have thrived here! I look forward to helping you in any way I can!

Number of PCS's: 6
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Actively Serving
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Meg is always prompt and professional

Elizabeth B about listing Access and Secure 7 months ago.

Meghan was terrific as usual. Met the handyman promptly, and always terrific communication !

Elizabeth B about listing Access and Secure 8 months ago.

Meg did a fantastic job making sure our prospective tenants could view the home, whether in person viewings or video calls.

Elizabeth B about listing Prospective Tenant Tour 8 months ago.