Nicole L

I am an Army wife of 9 years but before that I was an army brat and my father served 22 years. I have survived 7 moves but two of those were as an adult. We bought our first home in 2014 and we have been having fun on remodeling.
As a Scout, I am excited to guide you and your family to the perfect fit at your next duty station. I understand how hard transitions are for everyone in your family and I want to make that transition a little easier.
I am very observant and pay close to attention to detail. I am a mother, so my multitasking skills are on point, and I know how to get things done in a timely manner. I would love to check out some houses for you and be your boots on the ground and scout out schools nearby and if there is a target or Starbucks in route.
I am honest and I want it to feel like the next best thing to seeing it all yourself. I am currently located in Colorado Springs, CO. I am available for jobs in surrounding areas including Peterson Air force base, Fort Carson, and anywhere in the Colorado Springs Area. I have lived in Colorado Springs for 7 years, 3 on fort Carson, and 4 off post so I know Colorado Springs very well.

Number of PCS's: 3
Service Affiliation:
Actively Serving
Military Spouse
Military Kid
View my Scout business hours: 8Am-6PM

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Thank you so much for working with us and for being so thorough! It was our first time using a Millie Scout and it was an excellent experience.

Maricela C about listing House Review (Site Unseen) 2 years ago.

Nicole was phenomenal to work with!

For the first time in my ten years as a military spouse, I had to receive our HHG without my husband here to help me, so I was anxious about how things would go.

The night before our HHG were to arrive, the movers' truck broke down, resulting in a delay in our arrival time. Nicole remained flexible to the movers' timeline.

She showed up on time and prepared with her own clipboard, pen, and water. She watched our inventory closely, making clear notes related to any concerns, damages, or other issues.

She stayed two hours past our originally agreed-upon timeline to help me get through the entire inventory (again, this timing change was related to the mechanical issues the truck encountered).

Before she left, she went through my inventory list with me, explained her note-taking system, and made clear recommendations to me on things I should follow-up on myself before signing off on everything with the moving company.

Besides her professionalism and preparedness, Nicole was also positive, friendly, and encouraging. I would recommend Nicole without hesitation to other military families who are seeking HHG help.

Melissa S about listing HHG Pack Out/Delivery Assistance 2 years ago.