Niki Morgan

Hello! Thank you for considering me for your local Scout services needs. My name is Niki, I am a former USAF Medic turned Military Spouse. I still love and serve my Military community by being one of the main Key Spouses for my husbands squadron (1SOLRS), actively participate in and organize fundraisers, moral events, and family nights. I also frequent the Hurlburt Field Spouses Clubs meetings and events.

We have had the pleasure of being stationed in the gorgeous Florida Panhandle for the past four years. If you are lucky enough to get stationed here, you will never want to leave! This area has so many wonderful things to offer. Our breathtaking Emerald waters and white sandy beaches, amazing food and fun festivals all year long! There's never a shortage of things to do. All of that being said, this area is huge! And I know from personal experience (having PCS'ed here from Alaska myself) it can be quite overwhelming. There are five (!!!) bases all within a 100mls of each other, not counting our sister bases in Alabama and Louisiana. Needless to say everyone is spread out everywhere. Should you live on base? Crestiveiw? Niceville? What if me and my spouse are stationed at two different locations (it happens here) where's the best in between spot? Best schools? Neighborhoods? The list could go on and on. Let me make this PCS easier by being your eyes and ears when you can't be here. As a Scout, my job is to give you honest, personal feedback about any potential rental you may be considering. Bad neighborhood? I'll tell ya. House completely different in person than the pictures? Yup. Unfortunately that happens. Don't let it happen to you! Renting from a distance can be a scary, nerve racking business, that's where me and the MILLIE team step in and help.

If you already own a home but want to rent it when you and your family PSC (because honestly who doesn't want to come back to Florida!?) I can help you with that too! Just as it is stressful PSCing into a new area, it can be just as stressful PCSing out. I can provide the piece of mind that your house is being taken care of while your states, or country's, away!

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my profile, I will be happy to discuss any PCSing requirements that you may need, and welcome to the Emerald Coast! I know you will love it here :)

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