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Hi! I'm Mylea (pronounced Muh-Lee-uh.. but really I'll answer to anything!). Currently an Army spouse, but my husband has also been in the Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserves, and Texas National Guard. We specifically got back into the military after a stint in civilian life to travel and experience new places. I love the opportunities the military brings, however, I also know firsthand the trials that come with moving. We have gone through everything from a fraudulent moving company that never picked up our HHG but definitely got our money, to a stop along a busy highway to transfer all our HHG from one UHaul to another due to a flat tire. I hope that my experiences can help others down the road.

Our family consists of 2 young boys and our dog, Yoshi, who was found abandoned on base housing in Japan. We love hiking, sightseeing, and board games. I am a big reader (well, mostly audiobooks) and enjoy book clubs. I also love going for walks and biking to coffee shops. I'm a researcher (to a fault!) and want to know everything there is to know about a new place. I'm passionate about supporting milspouses, being a resource for students in higher education (my background is Academic Advising), and empowering women in developing countries through my partnership with I Thought of You, fair trade jewelry.

My goal is to help you feel comfortable in a new area and ready to make it your next home! Or, if you have moved on to a new location, I want you to know your previous residence is in good hands. Just let me know how I can help!

Number of PCS's: 4
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Actively Serving
Military Spouse
Military Kid
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