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Hey there!
My name is Monica, and we have lived in the area since February 2017. We PCS'ed here from Okinawa, Japan, with our 2 dogs and our 4 month old. I can completely relate to needing someone on the ground do check the place out. We had a rough go of finding a place to live, a job for me, and childcare for our daughter. It was just impossible to fly out here before moving to find a place, not enough time, not enough leave, and certainly not enough money! Every place we looked at online wouldn't take our dogs, and any place that would was a dump.
Let me help you and your family make this process as easy as possible.

Number of PCS's: 3
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Actively Serving
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Monica did a great job of checking out a potential house for us since we were overseas. She took plenty of pictures and gave me valuable information on the house and landlord.

Kendall L about listing House Review (Site Unseen) 9 months ago.

This was my first time using Go Millie and everything went great! Monica was so helpful and sweet! She was able to give me great honest feedback and was very quick to respond during our messaging!

Amanda N about listing House Review (Site Unseen) 10 months ago.