Lori D.

After 14 PCS's, one Retirement, and now a Civilian PCS, I can answer practically any question about the move process for you! My husband is a retired Colonel, having served 25 years in the USAF. We've been pretty much all around the country, and trust me, I have an opinion and a network for just about each place we lived or visited. I've amassed years of tips/do's/don'ts, and I will be a valuable asset to you when it's your time to pack up and head out yet again. We've rented, owned, and lived on base. We've done DITY moves, partial DITY, and full PCS, as well as 2 PCA's. I speak fluent "military-ese", and know my way around a base. I know who to talk to, and how to get the job done. I've dealt with finding daycare providers, schools, recreation activities, churches, doctors/dentists, employment resources, move-in/move-out, packing/unpacking, organizing, decorating, cleaning/inspections, pet services, and on and on. If you have a special need when looking for that next home, I can help with that as well (such as finding practically non-existent horse property to rent, for example). No request is too much for me as I've more than likely been there, done that, and gotten the proverbial t-shirt. I am looking forward to working with you to tailor my services to your needs. I'm here for you!

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