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This is a CUSTOM listing for Private "Exclusive" Pet Transportation and/or Animal Relocation Service to include:
Pick up of 1 Pet, with transport and drop off/check in with Amerijet Airlines at Miami International Airport on July 27, 2020. Client is PCSing overseas and due to Covid-19 restrictions, military travel restrictions and increased airline restrictions, the family is hiring a pet transporter to ensure their family pet makes its early AM flight on July 28, 2020.

-Pet will be transported from Clearwater, FL to Miami, FL on
July 27, 2020. Departure time estimated at 12PM EST.
-Pet will only be given bottled filtered or bottled spring
water during travel.
-Pet will be offered potty breaks/leash walks every 2
hours during travel and upon arrival in Miami.
-Driver will stay in a pet friendly hotel and check in upon
arrival, between 5:30pm-7:30pm EST.
-Pet will be dropped off/secured and assigned to the staff
at the airline live animal cargo desk at Amerijet, MIA
between 9PM-10PM on July 27, 2020.
-Driver will wait, up to an additional 5 hours in drop off city,
as needed to ensure flight of Pet(s) has been successful.
-If pick up date, location or times change, Client will
notify Scout immediately, so new arrangements can be
-If issues arrive and Pet is not allowed to travel on
designated/reserved flight, Driver will return to MIA and pick
up Pet, keeping safe and secure, until further instructions
from owner are provided and new arrangements can be

Things to know before we go!
Getting your Pet(s) ready:
Moving is stressful, and your pet has no way of knowing why you're stressed, but they can and do sense things are changing. By making sure your pet(s) are prepared for the trip ahead, you can help lower your stress and theirs!

1. Get your pet(s) acclimated to a crate. All pet transporters are required to have pets ride in a crate. This is for the safety and well being of every pet and the driver.
2. Get your pet(s) acclimated to a leash. Dogs are walked during potty breaks. A pet transporters worst nightmare is a dog that tries to pull out of its collar or escape when being walked.
3. Health Certificates are required for all pets traveling via air. So, this same health certificate is valid for vehicle/ground transport as well. All documents must be in order at pick up.
4. Food for the trip should be bagged in single servings for ease of use. Don't forget the separately bagged food as per flight requirements as well.
5. Crate should contain crate pads, a thick towel OR a small blanket - something that smells of you and home is best. Please provide an attachable water bowl to the crate.
NOTE: Fresh bottled water is provided during stops and potty breaks as needed and a little may spill or get dripped inside the crate/bedding during transit.
6. ID Tags, Collars, harnesses, and leashes: Every dog requires a collar or harness and ID tag.
NOTE: If you feel your dog is a 'runner' or has been known to try and slip a collar, please provide a harness instead. Please tighten the collar/harness to two fingers as well. NO choker collars or prong collars are allowed. Most airlines require collars and harnesses to be removed at check in, so please attach an empty ziploc bag to the top of your airline crate for the purpose of housing the collar/harness. Tape the end that does not open first, and the closure side will be taped at check in (if required), once the collar has been inserted into the bag.
7. Medications/Supplements: Only send medications that are current and required to be given on the trip/flight, in the original prescription bottle/container from the vet, and clearly labeled with the pet's name, owner's name and the dosing instructions. Do not send meds in zip-loc baggies, as they will not be accepted or administered.
8. PLEASE DO NOT SEND: jumbo beds, dirty or soiled bedding, old medicine, boxes of toys, large chews or bones, or items that could cause harm during transport. Please know your chosen airline's rules and regulations thoroughly before your pet is picked up for transport.
9. Pet(s) must be ambulatory.
NOTE: Senior pets and pets with high anxiety require extra care and patience. Contact me directly to discuss the best possible solutions for your senior or anxious pet's care during transport.

Any other specific instructions and details will be covered at time of booking/reservation/payment.

Area Installations I serve::
USCG Sector St. Petersburg
USCG Air Station Clearwater
USCG MSD Tampa/Davis Islands
USCG Station Sand Key
USCG Station Cortez (Sarasota)
USCG Station Yankeetown
USCG Station Ft. Myers Beach
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Real Estate Agent Assistant

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