Property Walk Through (Move Out) + Secure Keys (Carolyn)

Your tenant is moving on and you have no idea what condition the house is in. You need someone to take photos and video so you can assess the next step.

Email the Scout your preferred move out list (or I can provide one for use). I will walk through and note and photograph any wear and tear or damages. I will email you the completed move out checklist and photographs.

Carolyn's job includes:

Initial contact with tenant to secure keys and openers/cursory check of property (Completed 3/29/18)

Full walk through (with checklist) detailing wear and tear, damages, anything extra left behind, both interior and exterior of home.

Photographs of each interior room, as well as any damages.

Photographs of the exterior of the home (all sides), as well as any damages

Secure drop-off of keys/openers to real estate agent named by client on Saturday 3/31/18

All photographs and walk-through checklist will be emailed.

Installation(s) I serve: NS Everett
What type of task do you need help with? :
Help with a potential rental
Help with a property I own