Carolyn's Lease Closing Out

**This does not include reimbursment for Lowe's purchases, this amount reflects only labor and travel**

For the lease close out I completed the following tasks

- Moved trash cans to curb

- Visually inspected outside of home/front and back

- Visually inspected inside of home

- Checked all bulbs in home (including fridge)

- Replaced bulbs in dining room light fixture

- Removed screws/nails and spackled/sanded holes

- Fixed loose threading on the large window's blinds in LR

- Took pictures of all repairs

- Took pictures of ceiling damage

- Assessed blinds in small window

- Went to Lowe's and purchased supplies needed for repairing holes, lightbulbs for both interior lights as well as a floodlight for the front porch, and blinds for the small LR window.

It was a pleasure to help you out, Carolyn! Thank you so much!

Installation(s) I serve: NS Everett
What type of task do you need help with? :
Help with a potential rental
Help with a property I own